Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Christmas Trees
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The LED light sits on the floor, pointing up, through the acrylic rings of the tree. Without the color of the acrylic, there is no color on the ceiling. A red tree will project red rings on the ceiling, green will project green, blue will project blue, white will project a shadow, as does the clear tree.

Simply place our S hooks on one of the predrilled holes on the rings for the tree.

The tree can hold up to 20 lbs of ornaments. Most ornament collections weigh far less than this so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Yes, wholesale pricing depends on volume and inventory. Please contact Matt Bliss matt@modernchristmastrees,com for a quote.

Although the tree was designed to hang from the ceiling, we now have an elegant tulip based stand for the large full tree.

Yes! There are pre-drilled holes that allow you to hang your own ornaments.  In fact, they are the perfect trees to display your ornament collection. 

For the Large 7.5′ tree there are 168 total holes for ornaments. The breakdown of ornament holes on the large tree is (from top to bottom):

  1. Top ring – 6
  2. 2nd – 6
  3. 3rd ring – 6
  4. 4th ring – 12
  5. 5th – 12
  6. 6th – 18
  7. 7th – 18
  8. 8th – 18
  9. 9th – 24
  10. 10th – 24
  11. 11th – 24

Whether the tree hangs from the ceiling or the stand, gravity allows the rings to seemingly float in the air. The tree comes with an installation kit whether you decide to have it hang from the ceiling or the stand. If you have ceilings that exceed 10 feet please contact us for an additional chain.

The large full tree holds 162 ornaments

The half tree holds 60 ornaments

The tree is made or acrylic and the rings are held together with the ball chain. The ornaments are made of glass and real chandelier crystals.

A single LED spotlight illuminates the tree casting amazing patterns and reflections on your walls and ceiling.  

It depends on the child and pet. If they are well behaved then you should have no concerns. We have sold the tree to hundreds of families all over the globe.

Each full tree comes with the LED light, 96 chandelier crystals, 96 bulb ornaments, a mirror ball on an ornamotor, a duster, and a pair of white gloves.

Each half tree comes with LED light, 36 chandelier crystals, 36 bulb ornaments, a mirror ball on an ornamotor, a duster, and a pair of white gloves.

Each Jubilee tabletop tree comes with 40 glass crystals, 4 full sets of shatterproof ball ornaments (silver, red, green, and blue), 1 watt cordless 120 lumen LED lamp with 3 color option cycles, 3 AAA batteries, and star, shamrock, and heart holiday toppers.

The large tree ships in two separate packages and is 42″ x 42″ x 1″ and weighs 13 lbs. Package Size (Bulbs, Light, etc) is 20 x 20 x 15 and weighs 21 lbs.

The half tree with ornaments and accessories ships in one package 36″ x 21″ x 7″ and weighs 17 lbs.

The Jubilee Tabletop ships in one branded box that is 31″ x 16″ x 5″ and weighs 11 pounds.

The full tree is 7.5ft tall* and weighs 15lbs (with ornaments) and it’s base diameter is 41″.

The half tree is 6ft tall and weighs 11lbs (with ornaments). It includes a 1 ft gap between the floor and bottom ring.

The Jubilee tabletop is 33″ tall and the largest ring is 14″ wide. The modern tulip base is 10″ and the tree weighs 7 lbs when decorated.

Almost everything with proper notice can be customized on the Modern Christmas Tree. The length and width of the tree can be modified. The ornaments can come in different shapes and sizes. The color of the rings can be changed to any other color with proper notice.

Rings can be customized in height. An extra large tree is 13 rings. We have created to a metal tree. Extra charges will be calculated upon an assessment of complexity, time frame, assembly, and material necessary.

For example, see the customized tree in a Miami condominium leasing office lobby. The tree is 15′ tall and has 14 rings and the largest ring has a diameter of 46″.

For custom orders contact 

Yes, we offer a tree stand for $99. Order now email Matt @ ModernChristmasTrees .com

Yes, you may order a large tree without ornaments is $400 including free shipping.

The half tree is $249 without ornaments including free shipping.

In both cases we include the LED Light with the tree in order to still get the effect on the ceiling and walls.

The Jubilee is not available by itself.

Yes, tell us how high your ceilings are and we will provide you extra chain from your vaulted ceiling to your tree. The tree, by default comes with 4 feet of chain. The large tree is sufficient for a 12 foot ceiling.

The half tree hangs like a picture on the wall. Fully decorated it weighs about 5 pounds. You can either use a nail and hook that comes with the tree, or purchase a 3M hook that supports up to 9 pounds.

Yes, the trees have been shipped all over the world. When you checkout fill out the shipping calculator for shipping costs.

There are replacement / extra ornaments, chains, and connectors within the shipped tree enough so you can put up your tree and have enough ornaments to cover any replacements. If you still need more parts, contact Matt@ ModernChristmasTrees. com

The full, half, and tabletop Modern Christmas Trees all come with chandelier crystals.

For the Large Modern Xmas Tree tree we offer shiny silver, matte satin, blue, silver, or gold ornament bulbs.

For the half tree we offer satin and red ornament bulbs.

The tabletop tree comes with green, blue, and red ornament bulbs.

Return Policy

We want you to be delighted with your purchase from Dream Tree LLC. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of receipt or prior to December 25th (whichever comes first), for a credit, less applicable shipping and handling charges of up to $75.

Please note to be eligible for a credit, your returned goods must be in transit to our designated Dream Tree LLC Return Center within 30 days of you receiving your order.

Please note that Dream Tree, LLC is unable to accept returns or exchanges on any customized items except in the event of a defect, in which case the item will be replaced.

In the event of an unsatisfactory product, though, we do ask that our customers cover the cost to return the item. Though it is not recommended, customers may also choose to use their own preferred shipping method. If you choose to return on your own, please make sure to return your item to the correct return address to avoid any additional handling charges.

Returns meeting the following criteria will be considered “outside of policy” returns and may be rejected and/or assessed an additional return fee:

  • Returns in transit to our Returns Center after 30 days of receipt or after December 25th (whichever comes first);
  • Unauthorized returns;
  • Returns on products damaged due to improper care or use;

How do I return my item?

Please email or call us at 720-638-9511. We will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Alternatively, if you are located outside the United States or you prefer not to use our label(s), you may ship the item back to us at one of the addresses below via your preferred traceable shipping method at your own expense.

Please note that all delivery refusals will be charged a $75 per box service fee.

Where do I return my item?

All returns must be sent to one of our designated Dream Tree, LLC  Return Center. If you use one of our generated pre-paid labels, they will automatically include the address of the designated return center.

Dream Tree LLC
c/o Matt Bliss
3178 Syracuse St.
Denver CO 80238

What if I find a problem with my purchase?

If you have a problem or have a question please contact Matt at 720-638-9511 or

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